Historic Sites

Historic reminders of the original Lincoln Highway can still be found along the route in Nebraska today. 

Sections of original brick pavers are located to make up a 3.6 mile stretch of road near Elkhorn, three blocks of original bricks in Fremont and two blocks in Shelton.  An Avenue of Trees, which flanked the Lincoln Highway, is still visible in Duncan today along with an original Lincoln Highway marker.  The Gothenburg berm, a piece of the remaining "stair steps" can still be seen.  These famous stair steps can be followed on the road map today.

Historical buildings are flanked along the Lincoln Highway and still operational today.  Several locations that can be viisited today are the Wheat Growers Hotel iin Kimball, Spruce Street Station in Ogallala, Pony Express Station in Gothenburg, Gloe Brothers Service Station in Wood River, Merrick County Country House in Central City and Glur's Tavern in Columbus.

Many historical sites along the route are left to be explored.  And there are many childhood memories of the Lincoln Highway in its glory days to be relived by a generation of Nebraskans.  So join us and explore the historical magic of the Lincoln Highway Scenic and Historic Byway!